App tries to access nonexistent api endpoint

My iPhone regularly (usually when I am changing my location) tries to access “/api/ios/config” which does not exist. This leads to 404-errors in my log files. Because I am using fail2ban, ultimately my device gets banned.
Is this a bug in the app or is my homeassistant server missing something?

Example log
10/Jun/2022:13:04:20 +0000 : [ip] : 404 : 14 : GET : - : "GET /api/ios/config HTTP/1.1" "-" "Home Assistant/2022.3 (io.robbie.HomeAssistant; build:2022.358; iOS 15.5.0)"

This is valid behavior for the app – it’s testing for if the ios integration is loaded and, if so, what its configuration is. You should not be banning clients for issuing requests which 404, this is not an authentication-invalid response.

I have this problem too.
I think it is a perfectly good reason to ban. There are a lot of bots probing open endpoints, and a 404 is a very convenient way to block them.

I’ll guess the way to get around it right now is to except the /api/ios/config path in the jail-config.

I have the iOS app and the mobile app integration. Despite this, the API always returns 404 for me. How is that expected?