App usage without google services?

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Hello friends,

I am new in this forum and want to say hello and thank you for all the stuff i was able to read and learn about without being a member of the forum. Now I registered and maybe I can help with my experience in the future, but now I have a question first. Here it comes:

Can I use the HassIO app for android without google services/apps and maybe with an android-ROM that does not use google at all?

I thought about that, because I have two smartphones at home that are totaly capable of displaying my HASSIO Dashboards and of serving as a wall mounted device, but I would like to limit the dependency to other services (for instance google) and the vulnerability of the system and I thought about to maybe install some other version of android that even makes the smartphones “safer” or “more open source”.

The ideal expectation i have for this project is: flashing a smartphone with a custom android ROM, install HASSIO APP and nothing else - no google apps - prohibit everything apart from this one app, and use it as a wall mounted touch panel. “as smart as necessary, as dumb as possible”.

Did anyone do this before or could give some advice? Yes, I can search a lot on the internet, but as we say in germany: “asking costs nothing” (roughly translated).

Thanks in advance. have a good day.

Just use the minimal version found in GitHub

You mean the minimal version of the mobile app? I searched for a downloadable verison, but i only came across the official play store and iOS downloads. Can you provide a link?
On the Sites I found, it says: you can download it at the playstore…

We talk about it here

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thank you :slight_smile: