App Won't Reconnect

I have two old iPads on the wall. I there are many times when the app says it is reconnecting at the bottom. It never reconnects. I have to term the app and restart it. Both iPads have the same issues.

I also notice some dashboards that change the arrangement of the tiles on it from time to time and I have to force it to reload the dashboard to make it look the way it is intended.

Anyone else have these issues? I’m not sure if it happens randomly or if it is when I reboot the server.

This issue of failing to reconnect happens to me on the Android Companion App as well. I often have to “close” the app (swipe it away) and restart it to get connected.

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Yeah same for me.

Same issue with the MacOS app. All of the sensors are reporting in but the dashboard interface won’t load until you quit out and restart.