Apparmor with addons

I’m working on a new addon, and trying to enable apparmor. I can see that apparmor in general is working, using aa-status. When I start up the hassio, apparmor doesn’t seem to be enabled for any of the hassio containers (including my addon). Is there some other way I should be checking this?

I haven’t tried anything drastic like disabling all access for everything with my addon (to see if it stops working). It would be nice to be able to verify that the profile is in use, to ensure there’s nothing wrong with the profile (I think it’s correct, but perhaps I missed something, or made a typo?). :slight_smile:

I found the problem. When I originally installed hassio, apparmor wasn’t enabled on the host, so it didn’t install hassio-apparmor. A few minutes with the install script, and now it’s working. :slight_smile:

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