AppDaemon 2.0.3 time travel

I have a fresh install of AppDaemon 2.0.3

I have code that prints to appdaemon.log using run_minutely. This works when I use the autostart in appdaemon.service
ExecStart=/srv/appDaemon/bin/appdaemon -c /home/appdaemon/.appdaemon/conf

However if I change appdaemon.service to
ExecStart=/srv/appDaemon/bin/appdaemon -c /home/appdaemon/.appdaemon/conf -s "2017-07-12 05:15:00" -t 0.001
Nothing from my run_minutely prints to the log.

When I stop appdaemon.service and run appdaemon manually, I still don’t get anything printing to the log from run_minutely
appdaemon@mypi:~/.appdaemon/conf$ /srv/appDaemon/bin/appdaemon -c /home/appdaemon/.appdaemon/conf -s "2017-07-12 05:00:00" -t 0.0001

In both time travel instances my module is loaded and there is nothing in the appdaemon.err file. The initial start up log shows my module loaded and the time travel date and time are correct but it never advances. When I Ctrl-C to stop the manual run of AppDaemon the log file still shows the initial date and timestamp.

Anyone else have issues or success with time travel in 2.0.3?


I just had a quick look and yes Time Travel seems to be broken - I haven’t looked at it for a while. I’ll see about getting it fixed in the next release.

Thank you!

OK, this is fixed in the dev branch if you are feeling adventurous, if not it will be in the next release.

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OK, this is completely new to me. What the heck is Time Travel?

Near the bottom of the API it explains the details.

“imagine you have an App that turns a light on every day at sunset. It might be nice to test it without waiting for Sunset - and with AppDaemon’s “Time Travel” features you can.”

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Ah, thanks!

Rob, it’s not real time travel sadly … AppDaemon is powerful but I am still working on it!



(I have a few things I’d like to go back and correct…)


time travel only allows traveling to the future, without turning back.
i know because i tried it, but there is no return :stuck_out_tongue:

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And the travel rate is always 1 day per day :frowning:

But - the really cool thing is that Relativity tells us that this is because we are actually travelling at the speed of light in the dimension of time - which is a huge comfort to me :slight_smile:

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