Appdaemon 2.1.10 for Hassio

Like many other, I was not able to make AppDaemon run with my duckdns when using vkorn images running v2.0.8. So I created another images that you can install from my repository that run version 2.1.10.

With this addon version, you can set the debug level of your choice (as per appdaemon option) and you can also easily change between websockets or SSE.

In addition to the release version from the master branch, there’s also a AppDaemon Dev plugin that is built from the latest dev branch for those who want to try it. This images is built daily by TravisCI.



@Sparck75 Thank you for this!!! Finally got HADashboard running with Hassio using your image.

The only issue I had - I was getting error a javascript directory not found message until I created these directories


Oddly enough, you have to create directories javascript and css, but html is created automatically. In any case, thanks! it now works.


I’ll update the image to include the check for thoses directory.

By indeed… why does html gets created but not the javascript and css?

It seems we need to create the top folder for the application to start, after it might me able to create them?

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Image is now fixed. it will create the missing directory.


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Thanks - the image worked perfectly.

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I just release an update for the image to use AppDaemon 2.1.11