AppDaemon and Automatons Questions before I take the plunge

Have been looking into AppDaemon but have questions before I start to convert some of my Automations.

I currently have HA Automation that turns lights on with motion. I think I am across how to migrate this across to AppDaemon.

However, I have Script that disables this automation. It is fired when I click a wifi button. I use this to toggle the automation, so when i want the light not turn on because i want the room dark to watch tv, I click the wifi button and double click to turn it back on. It works well.

How would I do this through AppDaemon? Is there a way to toggle an App on or off triggered by a Script? Or am i going completely down the wrong track



in appdaemon you have easy constraints.
so you dont need to activate a script to turn an app off.
but there must be something that is visible to know if something triggers or not.
i think in your case i would use an input_boolean to constrain the app.
all you then have to du is change the script so that it sets the input_boolean to on with 1 click and off with a double click.

if you want an easy to read tutorial on how to migrate from automations to appdaemon then i can point you to my tutorial:

all about how to work with constraints can be read in the docs here:
that is for the 3.0 beta version
for the stable version 2.1.12 you can read the docs here:

if you have any other questions dont hesitate to ask.