Appdaemon and simple pid - how to get it up and running?

Hi, looking for some guide/tutorial on how to get a pid / simple-pid up running in appdaemon.
Found this but it’s using python so not sure if I can use that?

Running schedy in appdaemon now.

Many thanks!

Added simple-pi to python packages in appdaemon config tab and is running. Not working yet. :slight_smile:


  module: hello
  class: HelloWorld

  module: PID
  class: PIDcalc (only beginning of file)

import appdaemon.plugins.hass.hassapi as hass
from simple_pid import PID

class PIDcalc(hass.Hass):
    def initialize(self):
        self.run_every(self.PIDrun, "now", 10)
    def PIDrun(self, kwargs):


2022-06-11 12:00:50.220439 INFO AppDaemon: Reloading Module: /config/appdaemon/apps/
2022-06-11 12:00:50.222236 WARNING AppDaemon: No app description found for: pid - ignoring

I’ve added simple-pid in python module in appdaemon config tab, it was working before but somehow I broke it. Anyone got a clue what is wrong?

Renamed to Working again :slight_smile: