AppDaemon constraints not working


At least not as I expect them to. Is there anyway to log when a constraint is supposed to be in effect?

In my apps I have:
constraint_input_select: input_select.house_mode,Present,Guest

but this seems to have no effect on the app even though the input select is set to “Away”. They keep right on chugging. Do I need to restart them to make the constraint take effect?


Please post one of your apps. Also note that only the callbacks will be constrained, not the initialization or any code that does not depend on callbacks.


I’ll get that together in a bit.Still experimenting. Just a quick question, can I log the state of the constraint within the app somehow?


Also is there a way to cancel existing timers if the constraint becomes active?

Oh geez is it this simple? constrain_input_select not constraint_input_select? Sigh. Sorry to bother you guys.