AppDaemon Hass.IO Addon Container Refusing to Start

Recently, the AppDaemon addon has stopped loading entirely for me. This came after a few updates to HA and an update to the AppDaemon addon. I am currently on HA 0.81.6 and AppDaemon Addon 1.6.0.

The error message generated in the log details for the addon is:

s6-rmrf: fatal: unable to remove /var/run/s6/container_environment: No error information

It does not appear like the addon is getting to the point of loading configuration to write log files.

So far I have tried:

  • Full reboot.
  • Full power cycle.
  • Fully remove and re-install the addon.
  • Start fresh with no addon configuration present.

As well as a number of combinations of the above.

Anyone familiar with what can be causing this issue before I decide to go the full reinstall HassOS from scratch route?

its defenitly a hassio problem, but just an error mostly isnt helpfull (unless you use it in google)
what is in the logs after you restart appdaemon?
from the begining to the end.

or is that all?

The single line above is the only message I get anywhere. It listed in the logs for the addon. There are no messages in the System logs regarding the addon and no messages in the Home Assistant logs.

Google has nothing regarding “s6-rmrf fatal” at all, let alone Home Assistant related. In fact, this post is now in the top 3 Google results for me since I made it.

normally i never search for the first part of the error, i always use the long part which describes the error.

the only logical place to ask this is in the hassio section from the forum i guess.
maybe even call frenck (the creator from the AD addon)

this is definitly not something appdaemon users can help with and i dont think the “normal” hassio user can help with it either.

discord is also an option.