Appdaemon Mqtt pugin

I try to pugin mqtt in Appdaemon and get error like this.
this is my appdaemon.yaml

2022-09-20 07:00:09.405473 CRITICAL MQTT: Could not Complete Connection to Broker, please Ensure Broker at URL is correct and broker is not down and restart Appdaemon

2022-09-20 07:00:09.408915 CRITICAL MQTT: Could not complete MQTT Plugin initialization, trying again in 5 seconds

If I remove the mqtt pugin the appdaemon is usable.

I’m trying to use HA Supervised on could.
which I initially used HA OS on my pc, it works.
HA Supervised on could there be anything else that needs to confige besides this?

I’d suggest reading the complete walk-through of installing MQTT here:

Mosquitto runs well as a HASS Add-On and includes extra checks and integration.

Please don’t post screen-shots of your WHOLE desktop - the text is almost unreadable, and there is a much better way which is smaller, readable, and includes syntax highlighting to spot errors: