Appdaemon plugin basepath

I am using appdaemon plugin from a while and everything works fine.

I successfully reverse proxied with nginx mydomain/dashboards/ to appdaemon port 5050 but i see some broken link from the browser console, web socket as well.

For example, I can see that my dashboards are trying to connect to wss://mydomain/stream but it comes to 404, the correct link should be wss://mydomain/dashboards/stream, or, easier, mydomain/images/Blank.gif (404) instead of mydomain/dashboards/images/Blank.gif (200).

There is a way to change the appdaemon base path or to make it work via some rewrite?

Last thing, in my nginx server block I have multiple subpath proxied, the root is proxied to home assistant 8123.

Thank you