AppDaemon transition lights off

Is it possible to transition the lights to off. Ive tried self.turn_off(id, 10) but this errors with TypeError: turn_off() takes 2 positional arguments but 3 were given


You can send anything the trun_off service accepts but you would use keywords not just parameters, e.g.

self.turn_off("light.hall", transition = 10)

Thats how I thought it would work as well. I get the following error when I do that

TypeError: turn_off() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘transition’

self.turn_off(entry, transition = 10)

PS: If I havent said this already, thanks for all your hard work on AppDaemon, it really makes HA for me :slight_smile:

Looking at the def for turn_off I dont think it supports the transition param

def turn_off(self, entity_id):
self.call_service(“homeassistant/turn_off”, entity_id = entity_id)

Ok, I’ll take a look at that - in the meantime you can use call_sevice() and that should accept the transition parameter.

call service works perfectly. cheers

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