AppDaemon won't start

Hi, i installed appdaemon 4.x (no 3.0 installed), but if i press start, nothing… and log is empty.

what i can do?

Hi @sagittcyber,

Can you share your appdaemon.yaml? It should be found in /config/appdaemon/appdaemon.yaml.

Hi, standard configuration.

the problem is traccar addon. i can’t run at the same time. why?

secrets: /config/secrets.yaml
  latitude: 52.379189
  longitude: 4.899431
  elevation: 2
  time_zone: Europe/Amsterdam
      type: hass

And even if you click the “Refresh” , there are no logs when starting the addon? Completely empty?

In which port do you have Traccar running?

Why do you have a secrets.yaml file and then don’t use it? :upside_down_face:
Personally I wouldn’t share my latitude and logitude with others.

Is not my values, but default values.

I believe is the appdaemon.yaml file that you get by default when installing the appdaemon addon. In fact that long and lat point to Amsterdam Centraal. However, I agree with @Burningstone, do not share private information on the forums, always double check before posting

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Yes. If traccar is started empty log.

What about if you stop Traccar and then start AppDaemon? Does then Traccar not start?

see this in traccar log:
2020-02-18 10:44:28 WARN: Port 5050 is disabled due to conflict

so, ho wi can change appdaemon port?

In the AppDaemon addon page, there is a section called Network. You will see 5050 port in there, you can change it to any other port, but remember to also change it on the appdaemon.yaml file.

i can’t change the port in addon page. can change only the host port.

Yes, the host port from the Network card section on the addon page. You can change it and click Save. Then try to start it.

but the problem is the container port and not the host port.

I came to this thread because Appdaemon wouldn’t start for me. Running
I wasn’t seeing any errors - “log” was empty, even if I hit refresh. Didn’t see anything in HA’s log (not sure that I would). I was able to fix things by moving to a new port. I updated the addon setting and the http line in appdaemon.yaml.

So - Appdaemon is working now, but I’m not really sure why port 5050 no longer worked or why I didn’t get any sort of error anywhere.

my problem is traccar + appdaemon. removing traccar all works fine.

Hmm. So, I’m stupid. Somehow, Appdaemon 3 turned itself back on (I’d turned off start-at-boot, but left it installed just in case). So they were fighting over the port.

The container port is not an issue. Each container gets its own set of ports, mapped to a port on the host. Your issue is that you have two add-ons using port 5050 on the host, in all likelihood. Update the appdaemon.yaml file and the host port in the AppDaemon add-on configuration, and it should start just fine.