Appdaemon.yaml file disappeared

Have been using ControllerX for my Ikea controllers. Works like a charm. But today my appdaemon.yaml file has mysteriously disappeared.
I have tried to restore an AppDaemon backup without succes.
Amy ideas how to fix this?

Do you remember where it was? The old config folder was renamed HomeAssistant in the November 2023.11.0 and .1 release

Hi, having exactly the same issue. Happened some time yesterday during the day when suddenly all my controllers that I had installed through controllerx stopped working.
Was there some update to appdaemon that was installed or so?

This is the thread you’re looking for

You might want to turn off automatic updates.

Thanks for the pointer - that’s it.

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The /appdaemon has relocated to /addon_configs with a prefix.

inside appdaemon.yaml config file you have to change:

secrets: /config/secrets.yaml


secrets: /homeassistant/secrets.yaml
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