Apple Home App — Erratic Device Status Updates

Hi there,

I have a number of lights set up and working well with zigbee2mqtt and I would like to control them with Apple’s Home app. After enabling the HomeKit Bridge integration, all of my devices show up in the Home App, but the statuses of dimmable lights behave erratically when I try to turn them on or off.

Here’s a common example:

  1. A given light is on at 100% brightness
  2. I tap it in the Home app.
  3. The actual light turns off
  4. At the same time, the Home app shows the light as still being ON but with a brightness of 0%.
  5. I tap it again.
  6. The actual light stays off.
  7. Now, the Home app correctly shows the light as being off.
  8. I tap it one last time.
  9. The actual light turns on
  10. The Home app correctly displays it as being ON with 100% brightness.

My MQTT logs look ok, at least to my newbie eyes. Is there some kind of automation that I can set up to force the Home app to correctly update the states of my lights?

I’d really appreciate any insight you all can offer! Thanks! ~ Matt