Apple Home geofencing with WIFI?

Hello !

I’ve made some automations in Home App on my iPhone, and I’ve done everything possible to accept, validate, the right about my position.

Even my Apple TV 4K is well configured.

And… it’s not working properly…

I mean I don’t understand why sometimes my App Home guess that I’m away, or back at home, and sometimes nothing happens.

I’ve tried, when I get outside, to turn off the Wifi, to turn on the Wifi on my iPhone, and it’s a little bit better, but not exceptional.

So my question is, the geofencing with iOS is working when the wifi is ON ?
Do you have your Home App always open in the background ?

Or for the people where everything is fine, and work well, do you turn OFF your wifi and it’s still working ?

Thanks a lot :v:

For people who are landing here, I can confirm now after lots of testings… without Wifi geofencing is not working.

And the radius with Apple Home is very bad… I mean it’s ridiculous how large is it, near 200 meters away from your home hub.

You can try with the Home Assistant and the location part, and clearly reduce the radius, it works, but there are bugs for the data refresh.

So… geofencing seems to be a good idea, but it’s not efficient at all. I prefer to use a switch with the Apple Shortcut.