Apple homepod mini

Hello. I currently have the Google Home mini as my TTS device for HA. Can the Apple Home pod mini be able to replace the Google Home mini?

Only as a TTS device yes

Thanks. I have this in my configuration.yaml:

  - platform: google_translate
    cache: true
    cache_dir: /tmp/tts
    time_memory: 300
    service_name: say

What would be the equivalent coding for the Homepod?

Once you hook up your speaker you can simply use the TTS services and direct it there. I’m actually 100% HomePod and have a dozen of them. I prefer to use a different method for TTS, but I use this in my RV just fine:

service: tts.google_translate_say
  cache: true
  entity_id: media_player.homepod_right
  message: Hello world

And you can use it for far more than just TTS, you can get HomeKit set up and voice control your HA using your HomePods (the primary reason I use them).

Thanks. You see, I am going to replace my google home mini with a Homepod mini. I will slowly wean myself from google.

You still need to translate text to speech, so Google may still be needed. Now for me I don’t use Google except in the RV, I use AirPlay on my Mac (and starting this in the RV soon too) and it does all the TTS for me and doesn’t require Internet).

But only if you bring the devices to Homekit via the bridge or do you mean controlling the Assist via the Homepods?

I don’t understand what you are asking.

I’m going to integrate the HomePod in HA via the “HomeKit Device”. Currently, I have an AppleTV as my Hub but I think I can switch it to the HomePod. I just received the HomePod but I haven’t opened it yet. We’ll see.

What do you control with your Voice? HA or HomeKit?

Correction, I added HomePod mini to HomeKit, not in HA. HomeKit is available wherever I am with my iPhone. With HA, I have to make a VPN connection to my home to connect to HA.

It will be HomeKit because it is available anywhere there is Internet coverage with my iPhone. I can always talk to Siri with CarPlay. With HA, I have to VPN into my home firewall to connect to HA from outside.

That’s really the reason to use them. I hated Alexa’s voice control for automation but HomeKit’s been solid for quite some time now. Sometimes a quirk or two but mostly solid.

Can the HomePod be configured as HA’s “Assist” so I can (locally of course) command HA to do things on HA devices (non-HomeKit)?

Following this thread as I just bought a HomePod mini as well so that I can get rid of my Alexas.
I would be interested in hearing experiences and setup needed to get “Assist” running and getting replies back through HomePod. I have to dig some more as I think I saw a YouTube video of someone doing something similar

I set up the HomePod with HomeKit, for now. I powered on the HomePod with my iPad on HomeKit App. HomeKit detected the HomePod immediately. Setup was a breeze. It upgraded the firmware. After the firmware upgrade, I tried Siri and it work flawlessly. I was able to turn On/Off devices, Open/Close the garage door, etc. On my HA, I got a notification that a device is ready to setup. HA set it up as a “Apple TV” as the integration name with homepod as device and the two Entities which I named: media_player.homepod and remote.apple_remote. HA’s TTS work flawlessly on the homepod. I also played an mp3 music to the homepod from HA. Can I configure “Assist” on the homepod??? (Or - can HomePod be input to Voice Assistant in HA???)