Apple just bought Dark Sky

Ha this after Apple just sat down regarding open IoT standards. Sounds more like a double standard, when it is convenient (financially sound) for them.

For the US, the NWS has an API:

Surely something can be done with the GET response :wink:
Real-time data may have upwards of 20min delay tho.

There’s an existing NWS integration:

I just learned something new! Thanks!

It looks like apple has purchased dark sky, killing off their android apps, not accepting any new API sign-ups, and eventually shutting down the API after the end of 2021…

Ugh. Well this is super lame.

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Huge bummer.

Time to look after alternatives… :slight_smile: Anybody knows some?

There was a suggestion of Openweathermap from the other thread about this.

I switch over. It works. done deal. =)

AmbientWeather just added forecasting. Maybe that’ll be an option?

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Apple makes me think they were going to make an effort for makers and DIY enthusiasts. With the airplay 2 available on non Apple hardware, numerous SDK/API, standardization of USB C and thunderbolt 3. I’m disappointed by their shady business practices like always.

Hey there HA Homies,

I just saw this post recently:

The article says API support should continue at least for another year, but I personally kinda wonder after that. What does the rest of the community think?

Existing topic for this subject:

This stinks. Are there any integrations that offer a similar granularity of data? Or are there any competing apis that do?

In not aware of any… Hopefully one appears before the end of 2021 and a seamless transition can occur.

It is appalling behaviour, especially the way they announced it, no “unfortunately this does mean…” or “we appreciate all our users, but we really do feel this is the only way we can survive”.

Our goal has always been to provide the world with the best weather information possible, to help as many people as we can stay dry and safe, and to do so in a way that respects your privacy.

There is no better place to accomplish these goals than at Apple. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to reach far more people, with far more impact, than we ever could alone.

I was super annoyed about it, I still am. I don’t object to them doing it, it is their company, but to give such a big f u to all those that love the product, that pay for (and would pay more), and helped it become the respected brand it is today is a bad move. If they were short on cash, charge a higher subscription, £2.99 a year is nothing, I would pay that a month. I use it all the time on my phone, with Alexa (Big Sky) and HA (announcing when it is raining when I have the washing out)

No one is going to pick their next phone or even consider switching from Android to Apple because of the weather app. I hope (and I emailed them saying this) “I hope Darksky, the amazing work you have done and your respected reputation gets absorbed into the Apple ecosystem to the point where it simply doesn’t exist anymore. You might have a load of cash right now, which is great, but I hope someday in the future you will look back with regret that you gave away so much for so little.”


What about forecast sensors?
What’s I will miss is forecast data for 7 days

:slight_smile: They did add forecast. :slight_smile: OpenWeatherMap should have one, too!

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It will be interesting to see where new default installs of HA ‘goto’ as a native weather app. Support for that should be both well supported and widely available (location wise). api looks like it could be promising. Is there a place, other than here, we could start making requests to developers to start looking into these other apis to make an integration?

I will miss the darksky sensor forecast and how flexible it is with creating a sensor for each day/condition you want to monitor.

As if I didn’t hate Apple enough already! :angry:

Darksky was the best weather integration I managed to find out there that was accurate enough for Greece. Not to mention the amazing animated DarkSky weather card from @arsaboo that will no longer work in a years time :disappointed:

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