Apple just bought Dark Sky

According to their blog, they’re shutting down the Android App and the website in July 2020, and sunsetting the API by the end of 2021.

Not only has Dark Sky’s api been a part of my HA setup for quite a while, I’ve been a paying android app user for a while too. This is disappointing.

Note: I find it hilarious that they say that “Our goal has always been to provide the world with the best weather information possible, to help as many people as we can…” and now they’re talking about shutting out possibly half of their audience.


And more importantly for those who were thinking about using Dark Sky with HA, you’re out of luck. Dark Sky is no longer taking new sign ups. Only existing customers with a valid login can use the API until they pull the plug.

LAME! Man, that is really awful. I’ve got quite a few automations built around it. I guess I’ll start looking for alternatives.

Damn not even posted on April 1st.


Not good. I’m going to bail.

Any other equivalent API that’s currently integrated into HA that people like?

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Openweathermap integration.

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I second that.

I have never bought in to any Apple products, ever.
And that will not change, ever.

( I still hold a grudge over apple suing Franklin computers for making a machine that used there os. Apple choose to not licence the os and sue any manufacture (To oblivion) that did. even though the os was not pre-installed on the machines.)

There is ClimaCell, but I’m not familiar with it’s API. Also, another dick move by Apple. I get they bought it, capitalism blah blah…and they can do what they want, but that doesn’t make it right. I like the looks of things and I just really liked how pretty Dark Sky is.

Really disappointing news. Championed Dark Sky for ages and have truly baffled people with how good their notifications can be. Shame they have just shut out so many.

Not an Apple fan-boi but…

  1. Building exact 100% hardware copies of the Apple II and II+ and all you needed to do is get a copy of the official Apple EPROM’s to make it run deserved to be sued to oblivion.

  2. Obviously the DarkSky guys got an offer they did not want to refuse, and did not try to find a counter-offer that would keep it open. So is it Apples fault for buying something to close and use internally or the sellers fault for selling to someone they knew would do such?


Guys it is 1 April!

Guys I bet if we all pool enough money together we could buy dark sky from apple.

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Having said that, this is dated March

The other thing to note is that the API data is now subject to Apple’s Privacy policy, whatever implications that may have.

Damn! Gotta look around for alternative animated Darksky.

That’s a shame. Is there any integration which is as good as Dark Sky? (7 days forecast, weather sensor for the day, etc.)

Depends what country you’re in. For Australia the BoM integration is excellent.

I think the key words here are “if” and “enough” :rofl:

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Why don’t you emigrate to Australia instead. The soil isn’t really made of very small poisonous spiders.

I mean, ok, it is, but you get used to it.


Yeah, sucks. Darksky was pretty awesome. Here’s to another late night of research…