Apple music integration


I just found that apple is providing API for apple music:

I am not developer but if I understand it correctly this should allow to integrate apple music to the HA.
It will be nice to have it in HA.

That would be so cool!

+1, would be awesome. Currently still have a dependency with HomeKit to start / stop music when I leave or come home.

Yes, I know I can pause and resume my HomePods from HomeAssistant but not set the right playlist, unfortunately.

This would be fantastic.

Any progress on this becoming a reality?

I did a little bit of research into the feasibility of such an integration and if I am understanding the documentation for the Apple Music API correctly, a developer account enrolled in the developer program is needed to use this API. This means that in order to create an entirely local solution, every user would have to enroll and pay $98.99 a year for a developer membership in order to create the required key to make requests to the API. You can read the docs for the required developer tokens here.
This sucks because an integration would be possible with the api, but Apple doesn’t allow free developer accounts to use the API.

I think you can simplify the developer token process and only have one developer token. Users still need to authenticate to their apple music account.

Just to be sure I understand- you’re using HomeKit based automations to allow starting a specific playlist, right?

I’m wondering if there is some way to only use HomeKit for that part - so the automation would mostly run in HA, then it trips a sensor or something that sets off the HK automation to play the music. It’s ugly but could work.

Regarding the API - it seems to me this would need to be something run by Nabu Casa? So they’d host the OAuth login (or whatever it is) on their server, then you’d login with your Apple ID, then after that - in theory you could connect without Nabu Casa involved? (I did not read the docs before posting this!)

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Yes, in my case I only have one HomeKit automation that triggers my default playlist when the first person arrives at home. Basically every homekit allowed trigger can be used.

HomeAssistant controls pausing (when I leave home, go to sleep or when the TV turns on) and resuming the music (when the TV turns off).

Got it, thanks!

I realized that what I was trying to do was easily accomplished with a short HomeKit automation that watches the state of an existing switch - then triggers the HomePod to play the playlist I wanted when that happens.

I think the other way I mentioned would have worked though too, creating a helper input toggle or something to trigger state in HomeKit.

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is there any progress?


Hopefully one day we will be able to integrate Apple Music into Home Assistant!

For sure a very nice to have !

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+1 that would be awesome!

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+1 this would be really handy!

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Any news on this?

  • 1 for this!

Hope this gets implemented!

This would be fantastic to have as an integration.

Very interested in this to connect Apple Music to Home Assistant and then play/group with Sonos speakers…