Apple TV 4K Issues

Hello, I am trying to integrate my apple tv without much success. I add the integrations in HA, it finds the proper apple tv and asks for 3 different pins. I input all the pins correctly and it tells me it was a success but the apple tv is nowhere to be found after that. Its not listed as a device or entity. On the apple tv its self it shows homekit as a remote.

Maybe i’m missing something here?

On your Apple TV, in settings - airplay, have you selected “ Everyone on the same network”?

Yep, that option is selected.

In HA Settings >> integrations, do you see “Apple TV” integration at all? (I know you said you don’t see devices and entities - but checking on this just in case).
If not, top corner of the screen, can you click the filter and select Show ignored and disabled (in case it somehow got disabled).

It isn’t there either. Good point though I initially “ignored” my Apple TVs when I first setup HA as I didn’t know if I was going to use them. I’ll see if it’s buried in there. Thank you!

EDIT: That is exactly what the issue was. Thanks!