Apple TV component does not work on TVos 13

Hi fellow HA users. I wanted to mention that the Apple TV component is currently not working if you are running TVos13. Obviously TVos13 is in Beta so it might be the reason it doesn’t work. Or Apple has changed the way the device works. Either way this is a little warning for people that want to try TVos13 and have automations with them. As well as a note to the developers of that component that it might need some changes due to TVos13.

Update: Beta 2 did not seem to fix this, this problem still persists (I have tried re-enabling home sharing, giving new IP’s etc. The ATV’s just do not get recognized at all nor found).


Apparently a service has been removed related to home sharing in tvos 13, this means the Apple component will no longer work. I’m not entirely sure as I have raised an issue on github at the pyatv repo. The developer did respond to me, however the response has been deleted a day after.

Hopefully it’s fixed soon. Perhaps it has something to do with he fact you can have multiple accounts on TVOS 13? I