Apple TV discovery

I had previously been using one of the 3rd party AppleTV add-ons to integrate with several AppleTVs. When I saw that everything should be officially supported, I uninstalled the 3rd party repo and rebooted. Now, none of my AppleTV devices are being discovered. When I try to add one manually, I get “No devices found on the network”, and there’s nothing in the logs when I try to manually add.

Does anyone have any advice for troubleshooting devices previously integrated, that HA now won’t discover? I made sure they weren’t “ignored”, toggling the “Show Ignored Integrations” checkbox in the integrations panel.

It turns out that having the HA built-in HomeKit Bridge configured was somehow messing up discovery. I deleted the bridge, and am now seeing 2 of my 3 AppleTV devices. This appears to be somewhat new behavior, I previously had AppleTV’s configured as direct integrations, but also had the HA bridge configured. I ALSO have Scrypted installed, and it also has HomeKit turned on. I wonder if that’s also causing issues with discovery.

Sure enough, I de-configured the Scrypted HomeKit plugin, rebooted, and the 3rd AppleTV popped up. Weird.

So I guess I’ll modify my question, if anyone has had any luck with having AppleTVs and Scrypted installed at the same time. I don’t really have a reason to keep the HA HomeKit bridge installed, I was just enabling it “because”.