Apple TV integration not discovering device

As the title says, I cannot get the Apple TV integration to discover my Apple TV, first some context:

  • tvOS 17.3
  • Hardware: RPi 4b running Raspbian
  • HASS is up-to-date
  • Apple TV 4k 128GB
  • Router: Firewalla Purple, double NAT (I somewhat suspect this could be the issue, but since I can airplay/control with IOS remote app I don’t see how)
  • WAP : eero 2nd gen
  • connection: LAN for ATV & RPi
    I have airplay on everyone, I can connect to ATV on the same network with my phone, I have restarted HASS and retried connection, I have used name & ip

I am at a loss as to what to do, from other forum posts it seems others have unresolved issues too but I just want to check i’ve missed nothing in my googling. I can provide any network information needed but I really am stumed as to what the issue may be.