Apple TV Remote "Back" Button

I would like to have an Entity ID for the “back” button on the Apple TV remote. The reason is that when triple clicking it gives access to the accessibility shortcut of the user’s choosing. If available, I would then be able to automate the accessibility I desire.

What happens if you simulate this in HA with a script and delay using the menu command?

How would I do that if there is no Entity ID for the actual button press I’m trying to simulate? “Back” isn’t listed as an option on the HA Documents page for the Apple TV. I was advocating for that ID to be added so I could automate it.

Perhaps you missed this. ^^

:point_up_2:t3: This should work, as I already utilize this for similar scripted purposes. Back Button = Menu button.

Gotcha. Well, I guess that solves it. Thanks.