Apple Watch Actionable Notifications Speech to Text (textInput) not working


I have an Actionable Notification where one has a textInput field, this works perfectly when I answer the notification on my iPhone, but when I answer the notification via my Apple watch where the speech is converted to text then nothing happens.

When I look in the developer tools I do see an event coming in when I answer the notification via my phone, but not when the same notification is answered via my Apple Watch.

The other normal buttons in the notification do work on my Apple Watch.

The notification is sent via Node-red.

    "title": "Doorbell pressed!",
    "message": "There is someone at the door!",
    "data": {
        "entity_id": "camera.uvc_g4_doorbell",
        "critical": 1,
        "actions": [
                "title": "Ik kom eraan",
                "action": "FRONTDOOR_DOORBELL_1"
                "title": "Aangepast",
                "action": "FRONTDOOR_CUSTOM",
                "behavior": "textInput"
                "title": "Negeren",
                "action": "FRONTDOOR_DOORBELL_IGNORE",
                "destructive": true

This sounds like a similar issue as described here. If you launch the iPhone app when performing the watch action, does it work?

No it doesn’t, the normal button operations are working also in other notifications without opening the app on the phone on forehand.

The is no event fired at all when the ‘textInput’ is used on the Apple Watch.

Interesting. I am not able to reproduce this issue, I see the event fire. Can you tell me which event you are looking for? You may be able to export logs and drop them here and I can take a look to see what is being received in the app.

I am listening to events from mobile_app_notification_action, but even when I listening to * I didn’t see anything.

Which logs are you looking for?

In the app configuration, go to debugging and then expert logs.

I have uploaded the logs.

  • First test was at 10:41 from my phone, first a notification where I pressed the button [FRONTDOOR_DOORBELL_1]. (Works)
  • The second notification from my phone with the custom text [FRONTDOOR_CUSTOM]. (Works)
  • The third notification from my Apple Watch with the button [FRONTDOOR_DOORBELL_1]. (Works)
  • The fourth notification from my Apple Watch (10:43) with the custom text [FRONTDOOR_CUSTOM]. (Didn’t work)

I see this one in the logs. Oddly enough, it’s the only one I see in the logs, in the entire log directory. I’m a little baffled about what could possibly cause this. The only thing I can think of is that it may be crashing quickly and not getting the log written. You can check for crash logs in the System Settings app under Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data. Is there anything for Home Assistant there?

Sorry for the late response but apparently overlooked the notification.
I just did another test, I don’t see any crash report on my iPhone.
Test was done at 22:45:(+/- 43 seconds)
Only one test with the custom response on the Apple Watch.

Anyone ever find a solution to this?

I’ve been having the exact same issue and indications.