Apple Watch Actions notification not working

Good morning!!!

I’m having some issues with my actions notification on my apple watch…

after the last upgrade i do get the push notification but no actions. i do get the action on my phone…

is there is any fix for this?


Same issue here. HA 2021.5.5 and iOS companion app 2021.5.5

I’ve been experiencing a similar issue. The actions would just say “loading”:


I didn’t have the HA widget/app installed on my watch before and actionable notifications worked fine. I thought it stopped working after I upgraded to a version of Apple Watch prior to 7.6.1 but after upgrading to the latest WatchOS 7.6.1 I still had the problem. I just took a chance now and installed the app on my watch and now it’s working. I have no idea why but please let me know if this works for you too. My iOS version is 14.7.1.

Was there ever a solution for this?

I’ve just updated all my actionable notifications and now experiencing this on my watch too.

Have you got any news? The same is happening to me too with the latest version.

I am using the new actionable notifications and those were working fine until I updated to HA 2022.03.x

The new-style notification actions require the watch app to be installed. Seeing “Loading actions…” for any significant length of time indicates the watch app is not being opened by the system. You may need to restart the watch after initially installing it (watchOS can be weird) – and that’s a good first thing to do for testing if things are being weird.

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Thanks so much.

Installing the app resolved my issues.
I don’t think there is anywhere in the documentation that mentions this, but I could be wrong.

Regardless, your advice helped me. Thanks again.

It was documented, but it looks like I inadvertently removed it when cleaning up something else on that page.