Apple Watch Actions Randomly Triggers

When using my apple watch to trigger actions it works right off the bat, however around an hour later it gets triggered again on its own. I renamed the action in the IOS app and updated the automation but it is still happening. This doesn’t occur when I just use the app to turn the device on and off.

Any recommendations for troubleshooting? Tired of coming home to an open garage…

When looking at the logs the automation shows it was trigger by the ios.action_fired. Again I am not triggering it, seems to be a phantom action being fired.

Does the action fail the first time you do it, and you tap again and it succeeds? If so, it sounds like this issue.

I think this happened before but today I know I hit it once. I am going to make a new IOS action and automation today and see how it performs. My bed lamp doesn’t seem to have this issue so I hope new config might fix the issue. Part of me wonders if the switch kicking on and then off quickly (to trigger the garage door) is causing this? Maybe the automation doesn’t feel like it completed since it goes back off so quickly? Doesn’t make sense but exploring the options. I also might trigger the action from the phone and see if the extra hop from the apple watch is causing it.