Apple Watch Battery Level?

Anyone found a way to expose “Apple Watch battery level” to Home Assistant in any way? The paired iOS/iPhone app would be the natural route, but I’m open to anything.

The iCloud device tracker will pull this info. My wife’s watch showed up as it’s libked to her phone and the phone is tracked.

Don’t do this. I did that and it drained the battery real fast.


The iOS app does this.

I’m not seeing that.

I have 4 apple iPhones all using the iOS app and none of them show the corresponding paired apple watches.

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Yanno you’re right… missed it was Apple Watch. In my defense, I was on my phone when I replied and didn’t see it… My bad. Sorry guys.


Try one of the unofficial iCloud custom components like iCloud3, they are not as hard on your battery.

The integrated iCloud component has some insane defaults - basically a full GPS locate in each device every sixty seconds.

@walt I know, I use icloud2. But that doesn’t track the apple watch battery.

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Cant you install OwnTracks on the Apple watch? Owntracks doesn’t kill your battery on the iPhone, maybe it wouldn’t on the watch either?

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iCloud2 should pick it up if you have a matching filter – or you can use iCloud3 which gives you more flexible filters.

Adding the built-in HA iCloud service added a bunch of extra device entities that I have no interest in, which, after disabling the service, are “null” and have to be hidden, and never resulted in Apple Watch battery status anyhow.

I’m not interested in custom iCloud services/components, because, see above.

As a message to visitors from “the future!,” all advice thus far has been “inaccurate-to-bad.”


The point of icloud2 (or icloud3) is that you can exclude devices to track. As I said in my first post; Don’t track your apple watch, it will drain your battery!
That is why you should use icloud2 or 3 so you can filter on only your phones.