Apple Watch & Car Play don't trigger actions when HA iOS App is connected using external URL

My HA assistant server is accessible remotely, my iPhone/iPad or any other device can connect to my HA when outside from home (not connected to local WiFi), all working fine including all automations etc. I trigger from HA App on my iPhone/iPad. In my iOS HA App and HA configuration yml I use the same URL for internal/external connection and works fine.

However, all the actions I created on iOS Companion App, which are visible on my Apple Watch and CarPlay are not triggered when I am outside of home, i.e. my iPhone is not connected on the local WiFi. When my iPhone connects to local WiFi these same actions from Apple Watch or CarPlay get triggered. Is this normal?

Same problem. I just started working on some apple watch actions which were working properly while connected to wifi but just discovered the same issue where they are not triggering outside of my local network. Any thoughts?