Apple Watch Complication not updating

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Hello All,

I have an iPhone 12 with IOS 14.5 and Apple Watch Series 6 with WatchOS 7.4, as well as HomeAssistant OS 2021.4.6 and HomeAssistant IOS App 2021.4.1. I have a complication created to show the status of a door lock, but it does not update on watch (on HA it works as expected). Can someone help me?

Many thanks


It’s expected that the complications will update within a few minutes of :00, :15, :30, and :45 past the hour; unfortunately, Apple limits how often we can update, and the tooling to allow pushing complication updates to the watch isn’t available yet.

Thanks for your very quick answer, Zac. It would be good to have this information on the Apple Watch documentation.

That’s in the “Complication Updating” section there.

Sorry about that :man_facepalming: