Apple Watch complications

I have an Apple Watch 6 with os 14, iPhone 11 with os 14 and server with HA 115.6 running and trying to get complications working. But the do not load mostly for me. Could only get modular large to show something on watch face modular. Other complications not loading data. And this one only update sometimes.

Should the complications work correct? Or is that still buggy?

Just to chime in here, that I am seeing exactly the same. The only difference is I am still rocking an iPhone XS. No complications seem to load, just for the one you already mentioned.

I’d mostly like to know if it is indeed not working (yet), so I can stop debugging it, or if something is broken on my side.


What I saw so far is that every complication works but you need to be sure that you did the config correct.

You can check apples site to see what data wich complication should have. If the config is wrong it will not be shown on your watch. Only complication I saw not working in on colors watch face. But on modular, infographic and others the complications load. They are slow updating but they do.