Apple Watch Issue

I have cctv push notifications going to my iPhone using the companion app.

If motion is detected I get a live view of the camera in the notification which is working great. This notification also displays on my Apple Watch with a live feed.

Up until today it was all working fine for the last few years. Im now seeing this error on my Apple Watch on notifications. The live image is working on my phone just fine.

As far as I was aware, the notifications on an Apple Watch are just a mirror of what’s on the phone. So why would it now not be working on my watch but is fine on my phone?



Here is the phone notification

I’ve noticed the same behaviour as of today. Since upgrading to 2024.4.0

Same here, only thing I did was upgrade to 2024.4.0 as well.

Seems like a bug then!

Was this problem ever resolved for any of you? I seem to be having the same issues where I do not get ANY notifications to my apple watch from home assistant. I have the companion app 2024.5.1. Bummer because I rely on this quite a bit. I always seems I am battling some problem between the apple watch and the iPhone with regards to HA automations, complications and notifications!