AppleTV Press and Hold

Hi, I’m integrating my Apple TV using Home Assistant. Under the hood it seems to use Postlund’s PyATV. I was trying to figure out how to “hold” a button using the api, and found in this thread how to do that.

Where X=0 for single tap, X=1 for double tap and X=2 for holding

Unfortunately I can’t seem to provide “left=2” as a command with the remote service call. “left” works, but as soon as I add “=2” it no longer functions.

Does anyone know how to do this or who I might reach out to for filing a bug (if it is)?

Scott Shanafelt

It is supported by pyatv as you have figure out but it is currently not implemented in Home Assistant. So someone would have to do that, unfortunately I don’t have time to fix that right now. But some day maybe, unless someone else beats me to it.

Thanks for for the response. Hopefully someone tackles this!


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