Application Location Change

I would like to request that the way that location based notifications are handled is changed. As I currently understand it, the home assistant server needs remote access to receive location data from the mobile app. I currently do not have my server set this way.

My proposal is as follows: When the mobile app sees that the mobile device has disconnected from home wifi, it should ask the device for it’s current location, and if it is not at the home location, it should send an event notification to to the home server via the internet.

I believe that this may also allow people to set a list of wireless networks and locations for home assistant to store and allow further automation(s) based on which network/location they are at.

Isn’t that essentially what it does now? The mobile app sends its GPS position as a sensor to the server - over WIFI if connected, or over the Internet if not - but of course, the server needs access to the Internet for that to work.

The server is not responsible for this, the app is. Sensors provided by the app are just like any other sensor except all the data comes from the app and nowhere else.

It already does this but you need your server to have remote access in order to do so. How can you plan to send data to your server on the internet when your server is not open to the internet?

Same rules apply, you can’t send data back home if the server is not remotely accessible, if it is remotely accessible all of this is available already.

I think for your ask you should simply use a different device tracker that is based on your router and combine that in the person entity.

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