Application of RTL-SDR 345mhz Translation

Hi Guys,

I’ve read a few threads on using an SDR device to decode various sensor states and then publish to MQTT.

I’m very new to HA and wondering how, if at all, this data could be used.

For example, if a door sensor is activated at 2am,
and status reports, can I run a script that directs the lights to begin flashing on and off, have Alexa make an announcement, and send out notifications to multiple devices?

FYI, I’ve got a Qolsys 2+ panel and a number of legacy Honeywell 5800 (345mhz) sensors, hence the decoder. Just trying to figure out how they can play in HA.


Yes you can.

Thanks! Are you doing this? If so, could you share any examples or mind if I PM you?

Awesome news.

I use rtl_433 to monitor my weather sensors and the wireless thermometers I use to smoke meat. Essentially, you are notified anytime a radio transmission is received from your wireless sensors…with the values that it sends…and you can do anything you want with it…trigger an action of some sort. When the meat I’m smoking is almost done (temp is 10 degrees below the target temperature I’ve set, HA says “your meat is at xxx degrees…getting close” through my whole house sound system so I hear it wherever I am.

That’s amazing! I smoke as well, I’d love to get a notification over Google Home that says that, what a baller move. Care to share the relevant code? :blush:

I have home assistant on rpi3…rtl_433 on rpi 0w. Home assistant Mosquito add in, Alexa media player and node red. I have it working with a maverick et-733 thermometer. You need a usb radio $20:or so on eBay. I use an Alexa dot to feed input into the sound system, but you coul announce on any echo. You’ll learn a lot with this project… I’m working on a Custom smoking web based display using node-red. One reason I did this was to learn node-red and Matt.

You don’t need the maverick receiver…just the transmitter and probes…found for $22 on eBay.

That’s fantastic - and pretty neat that we have the same thermometer! I should think about other tech in the house that the RTL could pick up :slight_smile:

An acurite temp/humidity sensor costs $12 and works with the same system…I announce changes in the comfort level outside in my office, just for fun.

I’ve got one of those too. Are you my HA doppelganger?

Working on a potential method to read in information from an IQ2 Panel into HA: