APsystems APS ECU R local inverters data pull

I’m happy and sad for you. But it will all get better now

Thank you so much for sharing/feedback, I would have never expected that this could also be the cause of issues when using the integration.

Yeah, maybe because it’s frequently reading and writing from and to the drive which caused odd behavior when the system had intermittent issues communicating with the drive. Perhaps retrying in the background but not sure on what to do when retries where exhausted or something. I just now start to realize how much work I put into HAOS over the past year, because I’m now recreating automations and such and it’s a hell of a lot of work TBH. Well it’s the bigger fails from which we learn the most.

hello everyone, I have a quick question and im sorry if it was already responded but this treat is very large and impossible to read all, I did several searches and still cannot find confirmation, I have an ECU-R 2160xxxxxxxx but its connected via wired because I have no stable wifi signal where the ECU is located and I cannot relocated, so my only option is wired. I know the table says for this model the connection needs to be wireless. The question is if there is any way this integration can work via wired? appreciate any help given. Thanks in advance

Hi jsalva23,
Unfortunately, port 8899 is only open on the WiFi interface and not on the Ethernet interface. I don’t think APSystems will change that in the firmware. I personally do not actively monitor whether a new firmware version may offer support, there are no release notes associated with new APSystems firmware, which in itself is of course a downside in quality.

That’s a shame , I wont be able to use this integration then…. Thanks a lot for your response.

The next version of Home Assistant (2024.6, release date june 5th) includes a core APSystems integration, but this new integration will only support the APsystems EZ1 microinverter. These Wifi/Bluetooth models apparently have a local API…

Yes, I know and it was expected. I personally have never had the ambition to have the integration included in the core because the developed approach has not been officially recognized by APSystems. They can end the “exploit” at any time, but that will of course disappoint around 580 active users of this integration who don’t have an alternative to include data in HA. The new path that APsystems is taking with the EZ series is a wise choice IMHO.