APsystems intégration ECU 2160XXX

Hi there
I’m trying to ingest data from my APsystems solar panel
Panel information:

  • EMA V5.5.0
  • ECU 2160XXX
  • Inverter Type DS3
    I’ve tried 2 intégrations :
  1. GitHub - bgbraga/homeassistant-apsystems: An APsystems Sensor for Home Assistant

  2. GitHub - ksheumaker/homeassistant-apsystems_ecur: Home Assistant custom component for local querying of APSystems ECU-R Solar System

  3. setup seems to be correct but I’ve this in the log :

    I’m not sure of the authId. don’t find any doc to understand where to take it

  4. Even in wifi or in wired i’m able to validate access with nc command :

nc -v 8899
nc: connectx to port 8899 (tcp) failed: Connection refused

can someone explain me why wifi connection is needed ?
did someone has the same problem ? how did you connect your homeassistant to ECU or apsystems online ?
thanks for your help
have a nice day

Have you read this fantastic thread explaining how to connect an ECU-R 2160xxx with home assistant?


It works
thanks a lot