Aqara A1 curtain motor and HA

I have an Aqara A1 curtain motor ZNCLDJ21LM (wifi) that I would like to integrate into HA.
The motor doesn’t require a hub and I’ve set it up in the Mi Home app.

How do I add this to HA?

I’ve made a little progress…

added the xiaomi integration and it found the device in my xiaomi cloud account.

unfortunately the status is unavailable :frowning:

Do you manage to integrate the motor?

I finally made that easily with the Xiaomi Miot Auto integration. It’s quit similar with the Xiaomi Miio. First connect to MiHome. Than install Xiaomi Miot Auto integration and ad the device however you want - token or Xiaomi account. All works fine.

Hi. Does this mean HA will use cloud service to control Aqara A1 motor or request will be sent directly using just local WiFi?

No cloud needed. Only wifi.