Aqara B1 curtain motor have some problems on Zigbee2mqtt

Hi. Im using
HAOS 10.1
Zigbee2MQTT version 1.30.4-1
sonoff dongle-p(cc2652) (firmware 20221226)

I have some issue with my aqara B1 curtain motors.

  1. When I open or close the curtain in my HA system, the first B1 motors does not fully close or open, leaving 1% remaining.
    So, it either shows ‘99% open’ or ‘1% open’.

The running of this motor is indicated as “stop/running” normally.

  1. The second motor opens and closes perfectly. But the “running” state of the motor is not displayed when it is in operation.
    Currently, the motor is in the process of opening, but it shows “stop” in the z2m web UI.

    It is inconvenient because I cannot monitor the active state of the motor in real-time on the z2m web UI.
    However, physically changing the curtain’s position updates the motor_state. It correctly displays “running.”

What should I do for it?