Aqara button not supported by ZHA?

I bought this fairly popular button assuming ZHA would support it. How does one petition ZHA developers to support this button? All it finds is a battery level…
The odd thing is the logbook shows when the button is pushed!

LUMI lumi.remote.b1acn01 Remote Button Short Press event was fired

How do you add this to lovelace when there is no entity shown?

You did not mention the exact device model but I believe that all models should work (if the battery is OK), however some devices are a bit buggy and may require re-pairing a few times while the device is kept alive for the device interview to complete, but note that the device interview during the pairing/joining process will almost always fail if you have too much EMF interference or not enough Zigbee Router, so before troubleshooting any deeper first try re-pairing/re-joining it again after you read and followed the tips here → Zigbee networks: how to guide for avoiding interference and optimize for getting better range + coverage

More barebone version of that information is also available in ZHA docs here:

This button (lumi.remote.b1acn01) is fully supported by ZHA. I am using it myself.

You will not find any entities except for battery (and LQI + RSSI which are hidden) in the device overview. For using the button you need to set up some Automation.
There are also Blueprints available that simplify this.
For example: ZHA Aqara Button (press, double press, hold actions)

Import this blueprint and then set up an automation to define the actions for the different modes (single-press, double-press, hold) the button.

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@Hedda thanks for the Zigbee pointers, I was going to re-interview but @Floo nailed it. I didn’t know you should handle buttons/switches like that. It works with the blueprint. Thank you both!

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