Aqara contact sensor not showing correct status

I bought 5 second-hand Xiaomi Aqara door/window contact sensors.

I was able to pair all of them in Deconz / Phoscon (Conbee II plugged with USB extension cable) and open/close status changes when I approach or move away the magnet. All good. :tada:

I do see the 5 of them in my device list (I renamed one of them for fun)

:warning: The problem is their open/close status remains stuck on Open when I play around with the magnet :cry:

I searched the internet but couldn’t find anyone describing a similar issue :confused:
Any idea what I missed ? Thanks !

Have you reloaded the integration?

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Indeed ! By simply reloading the deCONZ integration, the statuses came to life
Thanks a ton ! :smiley_cat:

Glad to hear! Well, sometimes the integration needs a small poke :wink:

Just had to re-install HA OS on a RasPi 4, win a RaspBee II installed, everything is up and running, in the web interface, status changes not problem, in the config interface i can see the data transmit, but HA refuses to change states on window/door contacts unless i refresh, then i can open/close the contact, no change, refresh, right state, change state, no update… batteries good, web interface shows perfect (phoscon) HA just wont update on change of state