Aqara Cube Flip90 action unreliable, other actions report wrong side

I’ve got zigbee2mqtt running with 15 or so devices working properly, mostly aqara stuff.

I just purchased the aqara cube as a toy for my son to control the RGB kitchen light. I’m using mqtt->nodered->HA. I see the “flip90” actions come in but it’s extremely unreliable. You need to just perfectly flip it on a table top for it to register and even then it’s only about 80% reliable. I’m using sides (0-5) to change color, and only the flip90 (and flip180) will report a side change. Other actions will just carry forward the previous side value even if it’s wrong.

Oddly enough all other actions work, ie. shake, slide, rotate, flip180 with much more reliability.

Is this something others have noticed too? my lqi is 60-80 and my battery is around 80.

When you do Flip90, try not to lift the cube from the ground.


Yeah that seems to help it a lot. Just 1 finger on the top face. Cube almost needs a little more friction to ease the flip.

@ardysusilo - almost a year old, but thanks for this!

my wife is not a fan of tech so I’ve been trying to come up with user-friendly ways to control everything. (one such thing is the cube - admittedly, maybe not that intuitive but was hoping she’d take to the novelty).

she humours me but was getting frustrated with the inconsistency of cube flip - I’ve tested this and will let her know how to use it so it behaves more consistently :slight_smile: