Aqara devices can not rejoing my zigbee network as they do mnot seem to be discovered

Hi there,
I have a couple of aqara devices that used to be part of my zigbee network: a button and a thermometer. Eventually they run out of battery and therefore disconnected from the zigbee network. When I placed the new battery the did not work, and after a few tries I deleted them from zigbee to add them again.
The problem is that when I set them on pairing mode they are not rediscovered by the zigbee network. I do not have any issue discovering any new zigbee device, but for some reason these 2 that used to be part of the zigbee network can not be rediscovered

I am using zigbee2mqtt (version 1.30.4-1) and mosquito (6.2.1 version) with the ZIGBEE 3.0 USB DONGLE PLUS E version (not P version !!) as a zigbee hub

I checked the blocked list of zigbee devices and it is empty

Anyone had this problem before?

Thanks and regards