Aqara devices going unavailable

I’m having a hard time with a bunch of Aqara devices going unavailable. I’m currently using a Nortek HUSBZB-1 USB stick and have 10 door/window sensors (Aqara/Mijia MCCGQ01LM) and 2 Aqara motions (RTCGQ11LM). 4 of the door/window sensors and 1 of the motions frequently go unavailable. I’ve tried replacing the batteries and re-pairing them, but they still go unavailable. I even added Tubeszb repeaters to my mesh and re-paired the devices directly with the new repeaters. Still going unavailable. I’ve read a handful of threads from others having the same issue, and seems I’ve tried most the common solutions. Anyone else experiencing this?

I had the same issues with the Nortek stick. Went down the same path as you have adding routers and repairing. Also flashed latest firmware. Same results, devices continued to go unavailable way too often.

Switched to the Sonoff Dongle+ and haven’t had an unavailable issue in 7+ months.

Ok, that’s helpful. I also purchased a Tubeszb POE CC2652P2 coordinator as a replacement to my Nortek stick. Just haven’t jumped in to migrating everything yet as I’m anticipating it being a pain (maybe not?). I hope that resolves my unavailable sensors.

Yeah, my guess the magic is the 2652 chip/firmware and not the sonoff brand.

ZHA or zigbee2mqtt?

With ZHA, you can backup/restore the stick. I used the methods described in the linked video.

It should be easier now though. Google about ZHA Toolkit. Rumor is the functionality may make it into core around the 2022.9 time-frame.

bad network coverage.

Not in my case. Dropping in the new dongle resolved everything using exactly the same channel, location and devices (other than the coordinator).

If anything, I have an overabundance of router devices (max distance was 10ft, maybe 12 ft, between device to router or router to router), and like @nscherneck, it didn’t matter what router I paired or was routed through.

Devices in the same room as the coordinator with clear line of site were just as problematic as devices on the other side of the house.

Wifi was on non-conflicting channels as well.

Maybe I had a bad Nortek stick, maybe there some other unusual, non WiFi interference, but the replacement Sonoff stick has been virtually flawless.

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