Aqara DJT11LM vibration sensor: Set sensitivity in a more granular way

TLDR: Sensitivity “high” is too high and “medium” too low. Hence, I would like to set the sensitivity in a more granular way.

Using ZHA, I can set the sensitivity using the following service call:

service: zha.set_zigbee_cluster_attribute
    cluster_type: in
    ieee: $IEEE
    endpoint_id: 1
    cluster_id: 0
    attribute: 65293
    value: "$SENSITIVITY"
    manufacturer: "4447"

All sources I found seem to assume that value needs to be one of {1, 11, 21}, corresponding to {high, medium, low} sensitivity. Z2M also names three distinct levels of sensitivity: Xiaomi DJT11LM control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

The problem is, 1 is too high and 11 to low for my purposes. I was wondering if I can set a value of e.g. 6 using the above call. I would very much like to avoid bricking the device, hence I have not tried it yet.

Does anybody know if setting a value between 1 and 21 except 1, 11 and 21 will work as expected?