Aqara door sensor paired but no status/battery update

Hi everybody,

I need your help one more time, as I recently bought 2 aqara door sensors for 2 door/window in a room where I cannot install cables anymore.

I am using ZHA and a conbee II USB key, that work perfectly (with my Ikea blinds, aqara flood detectors, magic cube, …). Home assistant is hosted on on PI4 with the official image and latest update.

So, about these 2 door senors, I can easily pair them with my installation. They are recognize and add to the zigbee network. But I don’t get any value (battery, status). I am testing close to the usb key, so, it’s not about distance. Status stay to Off all the time. Somebody has an idea ?

Thanks in advance.


FWIW, even if you can get the battery level, it is completely useless. They are always 100% and suddenly they stop working due to an empty battery. I have more than 15 of those and not a single one ever changed it’s battery level.

Ok, but even if I can’t get battery level, I’d like to know if the door is open or not.

For the moment, status of both of them is always off.

EDIT: Both Sonoff support and Aqara support says these are not compatible. :frowning:

Hi, did you solve this?

I have the same problem. Two aquara door sensors connects fine to a Sonoff ZBridge with the ew-app. But no status and no battery status is shown…

The little light on the sensor, is it supposed to blink when opening/closing?
I also use HA with ‘SONOFF LAN !’ intergration. The sensors does not change status in HA either.

Is aqara sensors supposed to work on this setup, have anyone managed to get it to work?


Don’t remember well. It was solved by one of the following actions:

  • update of the conbee key (connect it on computer and update it)
  • update of HA

Hello all,

the topic fits quite well. I need your help for once. I have problems with my Zigbee network and my Xiaomi Aqara sensors since a few days. All sensors are shown as online in Zigbee2MQTT. The signal strength is good according to the overview. However, the statuses do not change. For example, when I open or close a window, the sensor does not show the correct status. The window is always closed according to the sensor.

I use the Conbee II as a Zigbee dongle.
Zigbee2MQTT in the version: 1.28.2-1
MQTT in the version: 6.1.3
Home Assistant 2022.11.2
Supervisor 2022.10.2
Operating System 9.3
Frontend 20221108.0 - latest

In the map of Zigbee2MQTT the sensors are marked as online, but no link (line) is shown.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

Have you managed to resolve it? Im also being pestered with those sensors randomly dropping out (going offline) or alternatively still being online, reporting from time to time, but not changing status