Aqara Door/Window Sensor NEED Xiaomi-based Hub?

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Forgive me if this is a no-brainer. I bought a couple of these Aqara Zigbee Door/Window sensors thinking that they were vanilla zigbee devices and they’d hook up directly to my HUSBZB-1 zigbee/z-wave device. And yes, I know in the item description on the Amazon listing it says “HUB Required”, but a lot of devices do, and they connect to HA without extra hardware. Do I really need to get another hub to make this work? I can’t just connect those sensors directly up to HA with some special device handler?

I’m not sure why these are listed on as a preferred choice when a third-party hub is required to make this work. I want 1 hub to control them all, but I guess that’s too much to ask.

They should connect to your HUSBZB just fine. Not sure what issue you are having.

They can be a pain to connect. First you have to press the button for about 5 seconds untill you see the led make 2 long flashes. Then press the button short every 3 sec to keep the device awake. And sometimes it helps to open en close the door while you’re waiting.

Ok, so I press the button on the side, wait about 3 seconds and then I get a constant blue pulse until I let go of the button. I don’t see a long flash, or maybe I’m misunderstanding. And then you say to open and close the door - well they are not placed yet, so I assume you mean just move the magnets to/away from the sensor repeatedly?

Just to confirm - I don’t need any extra hardware, device handler or anything like that?

Was doing more reading and came across this link. This is exactly what I am trying to do, so let me play around with it some more.

And this. Just posting it here in case others stumble upon this problem.
I think this best describes the method that @frits1980 was talking about.

I thought mine flashed the led twice… But i could be wrong. It’s been a while. But you can for sure connect them directly to HA with the USB stick. You do have the stick in pairing mode while trying do you? (yust asking the obvious)

it’s very simple: buy a deconz conbee 2 stick, plug it in, install it in HA and then add your devices to deconz. Just press the reset button on the sensors, I have many Xiaomi sensors and they are very reliable. And cheap!

Though you advise works. It’s not really helpful. He does not have a conbee and he isn’t asking to buy something else besides his HUSBZB. And it works on the HUSBZB also, I know because I have both sticks.

Thanks for all your help. I was able to pair it successfully!!

The <hold for 5 seconds, then click every 5 seconds after that > worked, but one thing I would add, is once the device starts to flash twice and you start to see messages in the ZHA logs, STOP pressing buttons, otherwise it has to repeat. It synched up about 15 seconds after that.

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Hi there,

One of my sensors started exhibiting this and won’t get paired.

Did you managed to get that sensor into pairing mode?

sorry to bump this, but since I am considering these too, in that exact setup: could you please report on the battery usage ofd these sensors? I read somewhere else that these only last a couple of months?
What sensors do these devices create? a binary for open/close and a battery level?
thanks for having a look

I have many and battery life is very good. I assume it depends on how often they need to send data but they definately last longer as a couple of months. I guess mine last 1-2 years. These sensors do report battery level but this is very(!) inaccurate this might also be the reason why people think they only last a couple of months. I simply replace the battery when they stop working.

I have a card with all my sensors in it to see battery level. Most sensors are more then 6 months in use, since I am at home the whole day every day, most sensors trigger many times a day. Battery life is very good, some sensors are over 1 year old and still need no new batteries.
So I am happy with them.

nice, you integrated these using the Conbee stick too?

Yes. Home Assistant core in ESXi