Aqara E1 Blinds voice not working with Alexa or Google

just wondering if anyone can help me out with Aqara E1 blinds working with voice with me using Cloudflare? Google Home does not seem to be doing it for the setup using Zigbee, any help be great on this, please. Is it going to be better to change over to Nabu Casa and get rid of Cloudflared? or is there a way to get Cloudflare into Google Home Linked services?

Did you expose the blinds entity to Google Assistant? Do you see it in Google Home? Can you open/close it from the Google Home interface?

I’ve tried too but its not finding the Entities correctly as the names are cover.kitchen_blinds_cover and when I look to expose it cannot find it! Same with Alexa
expose blind entities

I’m also unable to add it into Aqara App as then I cannot use Home Assistant

Not sue what you mean by Googles interface? Are you meaning In Google Home on my mobile or some where else?

I can open and close it in Home Assistant and its in my Dashboard its just the voice that not going back to Home Assistant App. it would work with Google if I was able to add it in Aqara APP the Google voice would work but you cannot add both.

These are the only ones I can find so far!

They seem to be exposed but just not working when I ask Alexa or google to open or close them. Can it take a while for them to be picked up by Google and Alexa?
I have no way to do this in the Google Homes App though on my mobile so not sure if this is why its not working?

I’ve managed to figure it all out and get fully working into Home Assitant!